Skye (echo_ocean) wrote,

random for you..

light crisscrosses the earth in strange brass patterns...the formation of a language I wish to one day uncover. sinse i was a little girl i have always loved those piano keys, conjured them up in faraway moments, moments of loneliness, solitude, bliss. as far as i know i am a wanderer with secrets, experiences, memories. i have dreams of music and words, a place of grey and lilac mist.

paint drops and scratches of a silver canvas

A breeze of moonlight and wine and new years strangers with sad stories in their eyes, violent stories.

i am a beer sort-of girl. recently i've found myself a fan of cream port, and how dramatic and swift my mind reels before the memories of those i have loved.. words on wine are a spiral staircase to the soul.

"my silent mouth can only kiss the air...." (carmel)

i write by candle light, incense of the moon and a black laced window..

in my heart i feel a need to cling to old security

concentrating on the strange task of day to day survival.

"what are you looking for? what have you found?"
i can never define what i've found. i look for calm seas, messengers of the soul, moments to capture.. Now sunshine, now storm - moments of intrigue and inspiration. i search to search. i love to love.

my conscience is lost, searching for her bed..

as a child i wrote little rhyme songs of animals in forests to capture the beat of the human heart, then my words became a softer, sadder melody in tune with the world around me. i watch faces for tradgedy and engrave my versions of their lives in diary form. two years ago when i attended highschool, during lunch i would write plans for my novel, and now she breathes herself, with me to guide and listen to her..
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