Skye (echo_ocean) wrote,

don't try to write at 3am

..the rain, a lull of faraway music, a symphony between the ribbons of dark sheets embellishing the land.. there's a conversation between the earth, growls which immitate thunder. my eyes have become peekholes, i gaze into a universe filled with indigo, and a darkness i cannot comprehend.. water splashes incoherently to the dance of a three year olds rhyme..

i am burried between blood and bone... faces swoosh, a magic carpet before a mirror until the reflection transforms, a vessel within an encasement of stars.. i have tried to emulate the shadows under your eyes, shook and quaked in the aurora of their lullaby, all i misunderstood... you were, after all, a stone, a gleaming emerald stone, in the case of my heart... my symphony of rhythms, of autumn wonder, froze into a statue..
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