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The Lovers, The Dreamers.. And Me..

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5 January
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...introverted, secretive, messy, somewhat nihilistic, suspicious, submissive, abstract, unpredictable, intellectual, avoidant, writer, voyeur, messy hair, reticence, dreamer, scattered, socially inept, warm, slipping, forgetful, searching, neurotic...

"amelie", "the piano", a million little pieces, a perfect circle, acceptance, actresses, alcoholics, all for believing, alternative girls, angel of music, anne rice, anti bullying, anti racism, anti war, anxiety, backyard wrestling, bbw, bdsm, beer drinkers, being free, big girls, bless the child, bottles to the ground, breathing, caffiene, carmel bird, celtic woman, chopin, chronicles of narnia, classic fm, classical, concerts, cs lewis, culture, david hicks, dead boys poem, dead to the world, democracy, dinosaurs will die, down once more, dream theatre, drowning, emma donoghue, escapism., ever dream, fat girls, fat mike, feminism, habbo, habbo hotel, harry potter series, henry rollins, her, imagine, incomplete, indigo children, isolation, john lennon, learn to be lonely, loneliness, loners, long walks, masquerade, mike valley, misfits, missy higgins, music of the night, nightwish, nofx, noncomformity, ocean soul, operation ivy, oriah mountain dreamer, paganism, phantom of the opera, photography, port wine, reading, red dwarf, red wine, runaway train, sedatives, seroquel, she is my sin, shyness, silent all these years, sleeping, sleepless nights, sleeps with butterflies, social anxiety, social phobia, soul asylum, spirituality, stargazers, starry starry night, stormy weather, surreal, swinging, the bell jar, the cry, the forest, the greens, the mirror, the special two, there she goes, these walls, think of me, tori amos, valium, voyeurism, walking in the air, watching the stars, waterfalls, white night fantasy, why so silent, wicca, wine, writers, writing things, you

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